HD .ts conversion problem


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Hi everyone
What I'm trying to achieve:
I am trying to convert a HD recording to mp4 so I can copy it to itunes and then play it back on my Apple tv.

What I have:
HD/HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware, auto decrypt, network share to qnap, Macbook Pro, Handbrake Version 0.10.1

What does work:
Selecting SD source .ts file converts fine

What doesn't work:
Selecting HD source .ts file results in "No valid source found"

Does anyone have a suggestion to my problem?
Handbrake Version 0.10.0 definitely works on Hi-Def. files recorded by the HDR-Fox T2, IF they are decrypted, I would suggest that the files you are using are not decrypted, there is some info. on decryption on the WiKi HERE
Thanks for the replies, as mentioned in my OP I use the auto decrypt package, and if I select the +opt menu, the decrypt is greyed out so I was assuming they were, did I miss something about this then?
Thanks for the replies, as mentioned in my OP I use the auto decrypt package, and if I select the +opt menu, the decrypt is greyed out so I was assuming they were, did I miss something about this then?
But auto decrypt can't do anything if the HD recordings are still protected hence Black Hole asking earlier if you are using auto-unprotect.
did I miss something about this then?
I take it you couldn't be bothered to follow the advice in post 2 then.

Since you seem to need spoon-feeding:
Method 2 (WebIF-mediated auto-decryption):
  1. Ensure content sharing is turned on (Humax settings, see note 3);
  2. For HiDef ensure auto-unprotect is installed (not necessary for StDef recordings);
  3. For any particular folder, use WebIF media browser OPT+ button "auto-decrypt" option to decrypt any present and future recordings in that folder; or
  4. For any particular folder, use WebIF media browser OPT+ button "recursive auto-decrypt" option to decrypt any present and future recordings in that folder and any sub-folders (all levels). To decrypt all of My Video set the recursive auto-decrypt flag on the My Video folder (use the path links at the top of the listing to get to Media, My Video is listed in there).
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There is a bit of a clue in the CF Media list. Those recordings that have been decrypted have a green blob with 'Dec' in them along with the channel icon, HD/SD and other flage, just to the left of the OPT+ icon.

As an aside: Would it not be possible (better) if auto-unprotect was sort of included in the auto-decrypt package, so that the one package 'does the lot' rather than having the (minimal) complexity of having to run two packages? This would reduce the amount of understanding needed to decrypt the recording. The links etc. in post #2 is a bit daunting, with the different methods of doing it explained. Just run the auto-decrypt package. Job done.
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I read it as meaning the auto-decrypt property had been set in the WebIF.

(Oops. Posted before I discovered Trev had updated his post.)

One could take the approach that everything anyone might need is bundled into a single download and installed automatically, but that way lies bloatware (and the potentially enormous problem of ensuring everything plays nicely together, whatever the circumstances). The alternative, of course, is the Linux model - still not really suitable for non-technical people (but don't take that to mean the CF is unsuitable).
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There is no "auto-decrypt" package.
Picky :( But surely you understand the meaning of my drivel. Just one entry point to achieve one outcome, rather than having to do two things (and possibly omit one as it seems the OP might have done) to achieve one outcome.
Not picky at all. One could contemplate rolling auto-unprotect into unencrypt, but unencrypt has been deprecated in favour of WebIF auto-decrypt.

The ethos of the CF is as a suite of utilities for the user to pick and choose which they want. The WebIF is another utility, which need not be installed. Anyone wanting to universally unprotect any HiDef recordings installs auto-unprotect, but somebody else might never record HiDef, or never need to decrypt it.

All the instructions are there, how much spoon-feeding do you want to do?
OK. I give in as I obviously don't understand WTF is going on other than all my recordings show the Dec symbol and I sometimes get a 'File did not decrypt properly.' like this:

302 04/06/2015 21:28:24 - Done... 2.27 GiB in 201.31 seconds - 11.52 MiB/s
301 04/06/2015 21:28:24 - Removing/binning old copy.
300 04/06/2015 21:25:03 - DLNA:
299 04/06/2015 21:25:03 - DECRYPT: /media/My Video/Watchdog_20150604_2001
298 04/06/2015 21:12:03 - autotrigger[2460]: /media/My Video/Watchdog_20150604_2001.ts - File did not decrypt properly.
297 04/06/2015 21:00:04 - autotrigger[2460]: DLNA:
296 04/06/2015 21:00:04 - autotrigger[2460]: DECRYPT: /media/My Video/Watchdog_20150604_2001
So you knew enough, or followed the instructions, and installed auto-unprotect. Simples. You notice the log doesn't say anything about removing protection from HiDef recordings? That's because the WebIF auto system knows nothing about it.
Easy, spoon fed!
With respect, I had thought I had read and done all of that, some if us don't live in here and follow everything that has ever been posted, so forgive me for not fully appreciating that unprotect and decode are 2 separate processes and packages. I do read the faq's otherwise I wouldn't have been able to swap out the drive or get the Qnap mounted on the hummy without questions.

As it happens, the DLNA server had been disabled and has now been turned back on.
I also carried out a test on another newly recorded HD program and that had the opt+ Decrypt option available, this subsequently transcoded just fine with handbrake. My original recording in question still doesn't.

I will now go back over the whole process and packages and see what's missing.
Okay, the recording I was working on was recorded at the top level and not in a folder with auto decrypt enabled.

Moved it into a folder with opt+ auto-decrypt enabled and it now has nice green (dec) icon next to it :)

Thanks for the pointers and the caning from the headmaster, I'll remember to put a book down my pants before I visit next time :)
Hey, at least you now know the full SP. It doesn't have to be a case of "living" on the forum (why not? it's a great club); the "standard references" are effectively the manual which goes beyond the Humax manual (especially, but not exclusively, for CF), and it is as well to at least know where to look - and then trust that what they say is right.

With the DLNA server off, no recordings would be decrypted, not just HiDef specifically - which was your original assertion.

af123: how about a WebIF decryption status pop-up? Something like:
Warning: the DLNA server is not enabled (Content Share = Off). Decryption of recordings is compromised.

Click here for instructions how to turn the DLNA server on (click)

Acknowledge (click)
Never show this message again (click)
Warning: the 'auto-unprotect' package is not installed. Decryption of High Definition recordings is compromised.

Click here for instructions how to install the 'auto-unprotect' package (click)

Acknowledge (click)
Never show this message again (click)
The "never show this message again" button would then be followed by:
Are you sure? Only click "Yes" if you never wish to use custom firmware decryption processes, or access recordings remotely. Yes/No
Are you sure? Only click "Yes" if you never wish to decrypt High Definition recordings, or access them remotely from a non-Humax device. Yes/No

These messages will be useful even for old hands, should the DLNA server happen to turn itself off or whatever.
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Started before BH's post above.
So you knew enough, or followed the instructions, and installed auto-unprotect. Simples.
Yes I did, because, as Lawrence says, I live here because it's a great club, but it did take quite a lot of research, reading and sorting the wheat from the chaff to perform what should be a simple job with a simplified how to do it list. Ask me how I did it; off the top of my head, I don't have much idea but I probably followed method #2 HERE.
Things Every section 5 does not tell you how to do it and mentions Foxy, which, although I have heard of, have never knowingly used it.
If the process only runs between 01:00 and 06;0o as stated in the Unencryp section HERE, then why are mine being shown as being unencrypted at 21:00? Something's wrong somewhere.
The point that I was obviously not making was that if the clearing of the 'Enc' flag was done by the decrypt function and some simple, easily understood, how to do it instructions were available, it would make it easier for the newbee to get it done without having to go down the route that Lawrence has found himself going down.
Just one decrypt process to run with a warning popup if you haven't got the DLNA service running, prompting you to start it, would, I agree, spoon feed, but what's wrong with that? That's pretty much what BH said in the above post, but I was typing when he posted it. What he seems to be talking about is exactly what I am, with the exception of combining the unprotect with the decrypt.
Things Every... exclusively deals with things that affect every HD/HDR-FOX user - with or without CF installed. It is not a manual for the CF; the wiki is closer to that. Consequently Things Every... only details things which can be done without the use of the CF, but indicates when the CF can alleviate a situation and refers out to it. The link within section 5 takes you to a full explanation of all the decryption options, with or without the CF.

As for decryption taking place at 2100: either you are not using Method 1, or you have tweaked the run time parameters in the cron table (like I did when I still used the unencrypt package).
I really don't know what method I am using, all I know is that they get decrypted. As for tweaking 'the run time parameters in the cron table', I don't think I have because that's the first time I have heard of this table (I think). How do I tell what method I am using?
I have auto-unprotect in my installed packages list, and I suppose at some stage of the game I have enabled some sort of recursive decrypt as everything I record gets decrypted, even in new series folders. From the auto log, it seems that the decryption starts as soon as the programme has finished recording.