HDD failing. Is fixing it akin to flogging a dead horse?


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Should I now give up attempting to fix an HDR-FOX's HDD? If not then what else could I try?

The current status is that the HDR HDD test returns error 8.
The HDR refuses to format "Cannot format the hard disk. The capacity is too large". (Before running fix-disk it just took a few seconds and did not change the relocated Sector count or current pending sector number.)
Fix disk has been run more than once.
Selected smart data attributes are:

Model Family Seagate Pipeline HD 5900.2
Device Model ST3500312CS
User Capacity 500,107,862,016 bytes [500 GB]

Name ..................! Flags .! Raw Value ...! Value ! Worst
Reallocated_Sector_Ct .! PO--CK ! 2027 ........! 051 ..! 051
Reported_Uncorrect ....! -O--CK ! 1519 ........! 001 ..! 001
Command_Timeout .......! -O--CK ! 820351271103 ! 100 ..! 095
Current_Pending_Sector ! -O--C- ! 145 .........! 097 ..! 096
Offline_Uncorrectable .! ----C- ! 145 .........! 097 ..! 096

I thought I saw a mention that through the custom firmware formatting a 2TB on the HDR is possible. If so can it also tackle a 500GB and how do I get to the relevant part of the software to attempt formatting?
re-running fix-disk will probably fix "Cannot format the hard disk. The capacity is too large" problem so that Humax's own format function will work, however this is unlikely to stop the Reallocated_Sector figure rising which is indicating a growing problem