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hdmi/ethernet connection

I have a panasonic smart TV connected to my hummy. Rather than running another ethernet cable to the hummy from the router is it possible to connect to the internet via a HDMI ethernet cable. The TV supports it (hdmi 1.4 socket). I have bought a hdmi/ethernet cable but it doesnt give me a connection. Is there a setting or maybe an app or something?


Staff member
I'm afraid not, the Humax HDMI port supports version 1.3a. Even if it were 1.4 then it may still not be implemented by the manufacturer.

Black Hole

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I suggest a cheap Ethernet switch to supply the TV and the Humax via one connection back to the router.

Alternatively you can diplex two Ethernet connections across one cable using a splitter at each end (it accesses the two unused pairs in a Cat5 cable to create a separate path).