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I had a most peculiar situation today:

Two HDR-FOXes feed an HDMI matrix switch, outputs from which go to an LG TV, a projector, and external speakers (the matrix taps stereo audio off one HDMI output and provides decoded audio on phono outputs). The HDRs had been on all night and were OK yesterday evening, and had not frozen the way they sometimes do.

I turned on the TV expecting to get a picture from HDR1, but the TV said "no signal". I checked the input on the TV, rebooted the TV, moved the cable to another HDMI port - no change. I rebooted the matrix switch, switched to HDR2, bypassed the matrix switch with a HDMI-HDMI coupler - no change. I turned on the external speakers - nothing.

I put HDR1 into standby and warm-started it, again no change. Frustrated I put both into standby and then off, matrix switch off, TV off, and cold-started everything... back to normal.

With all the fiddling around I am not entirely sure what combinations I tried, but my impression is that the only way to account for this is if both HDRs lost HDMI the same night and required a cold start. Weird.


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Perhaps they both saw something back from the HDMI switch that they didn't like, that disabled their outputs in a way that required a cold start. Interesting...

What make of switch is it? I've just got a Neet one, but haven't yet cabled it up - will handle a couple of T2s and a HDR Sat.
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Black Hole

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Unbranded Chinese import. Four inputs, two outputs plus audio, remote + buttons. The other two inputs come from a BluRay and a Wii.