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I have had my HDR T2 for about 6 months. Its been fine upto now. But lately, I have been getting green screens. Now they happen all the time. To start with it was now and again. Now its all the time. Sometimes it will work. And its when it gets to the point that the programme info bar at the bottom of the screen apears. I know the HDMI port on my TV works as I have another device connected to it. That displays fine. I have tried to change the firmware. I have tried 1.02.20 and 1.02.32. The 1.02.20 does not tune in. But when I do the firmware update, the update displays fine on HDMI.

I have tried leaving the TV off until its finished booting. Nothing seems to work. But I know the HDMI port works cos it displays the firmware update.

The TV is a Samsung. I know there are sync issues with Samsungs and Sony's. But is there an adaptor I can buy or anything I can do to make this work? I have the scart plugged in and that works ok. But its not as good as HDMI and thats why I bought the Humax. Any help at all.

Thanks, Chris.
The 'Green Screen' happens when an HDMI handshake fails to negotiate how the Humax and your TV will talk to each other. As you say Sony and Samsung TVs do sometimes have problems, but if it used to work and now it doesn't, you need to look for things that have changed, e.g. have you recently placed anything between the Humax and the TV? like an AV amplifier or maybe an HDMI switch box. It's also worth making sure the HDMI connectors are making good contact
Can you test it on a different TV? If nothing has changed and replacing the HDMI lead doesn't help, suspect a fault in the TV or the Humax. As you have tested the TV, check the Humax on another TV.
My setup isn't prone to this syndrome - however, when once I got a green screen it persisted until I had taken the Humax to a full power-down at the back and up again.
Just a thought!
I used to get green flashes on boot up, slow HDMI negotiation and wrong vertical pixel readings on my LG TV. I don't really understand, but when I disabled "Power Saving in Standby" the problem disappeared...

Menu -> Settings -> System -> Power Management -> Power Saving in Standby = Off

You didn't happen to enable this feature? I think it's on by default though.
I am going to try it on another TV. Its another Samsung though. But what bugs me is that when I update the firmware, it displays on HDMI just fine. I have tried all the power scenarios. Power on the TV then power on the Hummy. Otherway round. I have switched it all completly off and then on again. I have enabled the power saving mode as I needed that cos my TV is daisy chained and without it, I dont get any TV. But I will try it and see.

Is there some kind of inline signal conditioner that I can buy? Lots of people must have this problem. How do they get on? Alternative is to buy another TV or do without HDMI. Thats why I bought this unit. Cos its the best and it cost a lot. Dont want to shell out for a TV.

Thanks for your replies.

Just tried powering all off again and enabled the power feature. Same. But when I booted it just now, After setting the power back to what it was, off) When it booted on HDMI, I got a picture for about a second. Then as soon as the channel caption went off (you know the one at the bottom) the display just went green.

I am getting the "The programme cannot be viewed via hdmi connection....." on scart. So it knows that the HDMI is connected. I get this message on almost all the channels except for the 1st 4. Channel 5 and onwards I get this message.

I used to have custom firmware installed. And I used the web interface. But I took that off when I started to get this problem by installing the standard firmware.

I woiuld go to the .20 firmware. But when I do a scan, I dont get any channels at all. Is this right also? Could it be that there is still some software installed from the web server that is interfearing with it on HDMI? I would like to get this resolved if I can. Even if I have to buy an adaptor or converter.

Cheers, Chris.
You can easily prove the custom firmware does not affect HDMI - just load a standard firmware (which disables the customisations). There were improvements to HDMI in the various updates to the standard firmware, it is possible that going back to an older one solves your problem and that an update to 1.02.32 caused it in the first place.

If you have trouble tuning (whatever the firmware), use the manual procedure (see Things Every... section 2).

HDMI is a complex, high speed, serial digital interface. To display video the Humax requires HDCP - which is a content protection mechanism - because the Humax is capable of providing HiDef content. If the TV fails to negotiate HDCP delivery with the Humax (across the HDMI), you will get what you are getting. The fault could be at either end. For further information see the Glossary (click).
See thread hdmi sync issue I posted the other day. Try turning on the humax using a channel button on the remote and see if it works. Alan