HDMI issue?


Hi all,

Over the last day or two I have noticed that when I power on the TV and switch to HDMI 2 on my tv. (My humax is set on HDMI 2) I dont get any picture. I have to power cycle the Humax for anything to appear. This issue has only been apparent for the last few days and it never did it before it would always just show whatever channel was on the humax. I rarely power off the humax so I know its never been an issue before and to be honest its not a problem having to power cycle it, its just annoying. Anyone out there has the same issue? I am using 2.00 with the lastest webif version if that makes any difference and am still using 1.02.20

I am on holiday next week when the upgrade is due over the air but was planning to leave the box off while i`m away to prevent it updating and see how is when I get back will that work?

Many thanks,


Black Hole

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Depends what you mean by "off". If you mean "off at the back" (HDR) or "off at the wall" (HD) then yes.


It seems I have inadvertantly let the box update so I am now on 1.02.28 I will make an effort to get the CF installed this week at some point and hopefuly be fulled updated with everything.