HDR-1000S freesat+ with <free time> non Freesat channels

Andrew Malloy

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Hi All,
first post here.
I've just bought a 'Humax HDR-1000S freesat+ with free time' box. I already have a 'Humax Foxsat HD' box, which I'll move to another room. With the Foxsat HD I can tune into other satellites via a switch. Can the HDR-1000s do this also, or can it only get freesat channels?
I guess the question is, is it DiSEqC compatible and how do I get to the settings for this?


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It has non-freesat capability. It's accessed directly from the menus. Not sure about diseqc but there are secret menus accessed in a similar way to the Foxsats. (same Red Green Yellow Blue Green Yellow Blue combination).

Mine is recording at the moment so I can't check for other satellite support.