HDR-1000S & Satellite Upgrade


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I live in a block of flats. We recently got a letter telling us that the satellite receiver would be upgraded to allow for Sky+ functionality.

I own a HDR-1000S and have been told that it does not have the software for the BS/EN50494 DiSEqC control, that is being installed in the block, and therefore cannot avail of the new service being offered.

Is this right? Any help and guidance would be appreciated.
I'm assuming that you currently only have one satellite feed to your HDR-1000S.

If the letter you received is from the landlord/owner of the flats it would suggest an equipment upgrade to give you 2 feeds, although it's wording is strange.
That would give you full HDR-1000S functionality and DiSEqC doesn't come into it.

The other possiblity is that equipment to receive signals from Eutelsat Ka-Sat 9A (Irish channels) is to be installed, then you would need DiSEqC.
I believe the HDR-1000S does have DiSEqC, but it's in a hidden menu.

Best to get more details.