HDR-1010S losing wifi


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Hello all,

I just got this Graded box from HumaxDirect. It's great so far - but I went for the 1010 becauseof the Wifi.

The problem is that the connection keeps dropping out and then if I want to reconnect, it can't see any local networks at all. If I restart the box, it sees them fine.

Is this a known issue?
I have just been in a similar situation (received box on 14th Oct). Using a cable, I found there was an update (UKSFAA 1.08 dated 2 Sep 14) and installed that. However, it needed a factory reset to get the wireless working. Initially it would last minutes before failing (reporting it was connected but catchup not available), since the reset today it has been up for 6 hours using 11n at 300Mbps!

I also had problems with the WPA2 key, but it now works with a 31 alpha-numeric pseudo random sequence (not sure what the max length is). Couldn't find a WPS option.