HDR-1100S - good upgrade from FoxSat HDR?

Martin J

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Hi, starting to see reliability issues with my old FoxSat-HDR (recordings failing for no obvious reason).

Whilst all boxes have issues, is the HDR-1100S regarded as a decent reliable box for general use with FreeSat?

Is the user interface any quicker than the old FoxSat-HDR box? e.g. scrolling through the EPG is quite slow on the FoxSat HDR.

Are Humax still updating the firmware on the HDR-1100S?

Thanks for your thoughts!

- Martin


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The second generation boxes have superior pictures and are more responsive than the Foxsat-HDR and of course have extensive catch up and streaming services. The 1100S is the latest box but shares the same software as the the previous boxes (HDR-1000S, HDR-1010S). All 3 have just had a recent software update that adds view from the beginning using iplayer for a programme already started. Compared to the earlier boxes it lacks some features like RGB scart and a front display. If you use the short cuts and remember the channel numbers you want to look at in the epg, the Foxsat will jump instantly to that channel by tapping in the channel number. If you avoid guide and press schedule and then red you also get an instant guide.

The Foxsat still has advantages over the newer boxes, if you add the custom firmware. Guessing your hard disk has issues (The CF adds hard disk and repair capability). You can also use the CF to view Foxsat recordings and get the same picture improvement by using the CF and a small patch to the standard software. The Foxsat also allows export of recordings (including HD with the patch) that you can use on other kit but lacks the capability to remotely view recordings stored on other kit on your home network that the G2 boxes have.