HDR-2000T Favourites

Victor Delta

New Member
Getting used to my HDR-2000T which has finally replaced my long standing (and much loved!) Hummy PVR9200T.

I think I've just about sorted the issues that were puzzling me, except... I've set up the HD channels as 'Favourites' but, when you want to watch them, how do you access them please?

Is there any other way to go direct to the HD channels without entering 101 etc?

Many thanks.
Hi if its the same as HD-FoxT2 press guide then press blue button and go down to favorite. Once you select a favourite channel when you use guide it should show your fav list.
If it's the same as the HDR-Fox T2 it will also had an in-built HDTV option under the Guide >> Group (blue) option
Thanks for your responses. So the only way to access the favourites is via the Guide followed by the blue button (and yes, it works!)...? 101 might be easier after all!
With the HDR-FOX, once you are in a particular favourites subset the programme up/down buttons and the Guide are restricted to that set until you select a new group or dial in a LCN outside that group. So, if you have the HD set selected (for example), using the P^ button cycles you through BBC1HD, BBC2HD, ITV HD...
Also, on HDR/HD fox T2, if you press enter, when watching a channel, a channel list pops up. Pressing right arrow moves you through the favourite lists. Not sure if this workd on other humax boxes.