HDR-2000T power supply details


Can anyone please tell me the specs and/or a suitable supplier of the power supplies for these? I have one at home but won't be back for a week or so and need to order a new one. I would rather avoid an iffy Chinese eBay beast that could go pop when first plugged in. Do Humax supply replacements as I can't see anything on their site.

Many thanks.
I don't know where you can get them. Here is the information from the base of the power supply for my 2000T
12V/2.5A is very common spec, used by a lot of things including BT Hubs.

Only unknown is the connector - the normal one is 5.5mm dia with a 2.1mm pin, usually referred to as just 2.1mm.


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Sorry, forget to reply to you both. Many thanks for responding.

Weirdly a lot of the eBay and Amazon replacements seem to quote only 2A rather than 2.5A. I think it was Yultek and or Danelo Power who seem to be the common suppliers quoting only 2A. Couldn't find a UK supplier for the Ktec one. Ended up buying a Maplin universal power supply (one with an adjustable voltage output). It is over specced current wise but the box will only take what it needs.

You are right about the connector type, yellow 5.5mm/2.1mm pin. Had to source one as the Maplin didn't have that size.

Thanks again.