HDR-FOX Behaviour after Mains Power Outage


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In the event of a power outage, the HDR-FOX can end up in the half-awake state when the power returns. This happens if the unit was fully awake when the power cut occurred. If the mains supply is interrupted while the unit is in full standby, when the power comes back on, it boots up briefly without spinning up the hard drive and then reverts to full standby.
I have a HDR-FOX which I look after remotely. It powers up for 20 minutes (reminder) at 4:20 am (custom firmware, disable OTA) and then goes back to standby. At 6 am, a timer switch turns off the mains power for 30 minutes. This is to reset the machine if there has been a lock up. This has been working fine for a while. However, for the last few days when the power returns at 6:30 am, the unit is not returning to standby automatically. Sending a reboot request subsequently (custom firmware, RS service) does make the unit return to standby. Does anyone have an idea why it does not do this on its own? I had to briefly unplug one of my home units yesterday (in full standby, a couple of hours away from any timer event) and this also got stuck in the half-awake state when I turned it back on. I'm sure this never used to happen. Could some change that I have made be causing this?
Both of my machines operate the same as yours from a power on. I wasn't sure if it was correct and found this information https://hummy.tv/forum/threads/things-every-hd-fox-t2-hdr-fox-t2-owner-should-know.1858/#post-33793 under Delinquent Half-Awake it says "Immediately following a cold start (this is normal, and not a fault state)." So I took it to be normal.
Thanks for the information, I hadn't noticed that entry in BH's guide. Recently I have been finding just that; the unit ends up in the half-awake state when the mains power is restored. This is not always the case though, it might also return to full standby. The unit in question had been doing so for a couple of weeks, until its behaviour changed. I have also noticed that an auto-update event keeps appearing in the list now too. I think that it may depend on what timer events are in the planner. A regular series I was recording has finished until the new year: I wonder if the empty series link is to blame? I will have to test further. For now I have set up a brief (10 minute) daily reminder, about 10 minutes after the power is restored. This is enough to put the unit back into standby.
It looks like the behaviour is dependent on whether or not there is an empty series link in the schedule. On the 25th, my remote unit booted up and stayed on when the power was restored at ca. 6:30 am (see below). A reminder set for 6:40 to 6:50 am switched it back to standby when it finished. Later on the 25th, the empty series link was populated with an entry appearing for Monday 02 January. This morning there was no entry in the log at ca. 6.30 am; the system booted 10 minutes later for the reminder. I have now deleted the reminder and will see what happens.
Time                   Message
26/12/2016 06:38:48    System booted (Scheduled event).
26/12/2016 04:23:30    Updated disk contents.
26/12/2016 04:18:33    System booted (Scheduled event).

25/12/2016 06:31:12    System booted (Unknown 4).
25/12/2016 04:22:35    Updated disk contents.
25/12/2016 04:18:23    System booted (Scheduled event).
This makes sense. If it detects an empty series link, leaving the unit on will allow the EPG to be updated, potentially refreshing the link. If there are no empty links, there is no point in doing this, so it returns to standby.