HDR-FOX-T2 1.02.32 - 1.03.06

I've absolutely no idea, I just assume the newer firmwares must be released for a reason, and therefore its a good idea to always be on the latest. Its a procedure I take from my work to be honest, where we get advised by manufacturers to always update firmware as it comes out, to ensure future issues aren't experienced.
I am running 1.03.06 on my boxes, it allows you to access a later version of BBC iPlayer in the TV Portal, and for a while was a way to fix the broken YouTube application also in the TV Portal, although I understand that this has since been fixed for earlier firmware versions.
I've absolutely no idea, I just assume the newer firmwares must be released for a reason, and therefore its a good idea to always be on the latest.
1.03.06 has never been formally released (as in officially provided by Humax for download or OTA update), only factory-installed on new HDR-FOXes. As the latest hardware has a different tuner module we take it that it is essential for supporting the new hardware, but also contains "beta" updates for other stuff which may or may not be flakey. Originally I would have cautioned against installing it just to be up to date (ahead of the curve actually), but the few brave souls who have chanced their arm say it's OK. Bear in mind that "our" 1.03.06 is an extracted version, and might not be identical to any eventual formal release (or indeed the version that was installed before being extracted).
Having done the upgrade Xmas Eve on an original Humax HDR T2 box I'm happy with it in relation to the BBC iPlayer where you can now back button out to the last option rather than it jumping back out completely and the possibility at looking at the recommendations whilst the videos is playing. The favourites are good as well. Getting up late means that I recreate breakfast with the Today programme a bit later, no problem you make "Today" a radio "favourite", 5 Live Breakfast another one. That saves going through numerous menu options (no and I use the box as media player and bang off the TV since I know some people get hot and bothered with using a TV as a radio).

I don't have the EPG delay that others talked about, perhaps that was fixed but I do tidy up the EPG list of items that have no future programme to record against. On the Custom Portal not too sure whether I am short changed or not, I see two Sky Players (don't do anything), Picasa, Twitter, Teletext Holidays, Test Page #1 and Test Page #2. Is that it ?. Nothing hidden away anywhere else ?. Thought there was talk of RTE text.

Other than this still overjoyed with the functionality of the custom software and the added value it gives to the box and now we have the BBC iPlayer modernised thanks to AF123.
It's traditional to answer ones own question if you don't get an answer and nibble away at it yourself. I thought I was missing something from the revised custom portal for HDR-FOX-T2 1.02.32 - 1.03.06 - yes I was.

Documentation is here


Originally I fell into the trap that others did that had upgraded of not removing the previous "portal-xtra1", if you don't then you get a mash up of the screen with the items on the bottom line. You reboot, as I recall I had to do a cold boot to get it up. But at that stage I still had "custom-portal" in as well which gives you those commands options as I listed off above.

This gives you a new looking page but isn't the development page that is being talked about in the threads, you then remove "custom-portal" and install "new-portal" - reboot. That then gives you the screen as per the documentation above, which does say get rid of the old portal, two component parts but perhaps didn't make it too clear that you needed "new-portal" with the hyphen. oops it does at the bottom, comes from running before you can walk and not reading the documentation.

All is good now, just need the outstanding applications to be finished then for ITV plan, VTuner, Shoutradio etc..... where C4 then ?.

I note on the Humax web site https://www.myhumax.net/ when you are not logged in that it lists other apps for other boxes in Europe e.g. BBC Sports [but not for the Humax HDR T2 when logged in], I wondered whether it was possible to borrow the code for these and put them in the menu as well. Just a thought. I'm sure the great and the good of the site have considered this. Borrow probably means you have to have one of the other boxes perhaps.
Just out of interest, has anybody else had a problem trying to upgrade to 1.03.06? I've done upgrades before using the USB method, including the custom software, with no problems but I can't get it to load this time. I've done multiple downloads both with and without the revised custom software, have used 3 different usb sticks, unzipped the download where necessary and tried both the front and back usb sockets on the box but every time when I restart the box it sees the usb stick but after a few seconds just fires up without loading the software.

I haven't tried removing the custom software, (currently 2.15), because I wouldn't think that would have any effect although I have removed the custom portel package in response to what Tell said above as he mentions it has to be removed prior to upgrading.

The box is a 500 gb model about 18 months old.
I'm sure you are following to the letter the upgrade instructions


Have you got to the third one from the bottom:

>>Unplug the USB Flash Device containing the HDR_FOX_T2_Upgrade.hdf file <<

You have to do this before restarting pressing the big ?. If you don't then you can go round in circles. Problem is that the text onscreen doesn't tally with what you have to do so it's easy to fall into that trap. If you have that is.

In going round in circles I did load up the un-modified version of 1.03.06 (e.g. as published on the Hummy site un modified) and did the custom upgrade of 1.03.06 again and fitted a cold boot into all of this - I did see some discussion about whether you needed to do the 1.03.06 and then the custom version. The reboot stirred the custom menu up but as said at that stage I had not deleted the two component part of the old custom portal.

It has to be in the route of the USB stick, correct file name [e.g. HDR_FOX_T2_Upgrade.hdf] and FAT formatted stick. I just keep one old USB stick I know that works for this with all versions of the software on stored in the directories and copy into the route for the task.
I don't think the success / failure rate of loading 1.03.06 is any different to any other firmware version and it seems quite common for drives that have worked in the past to 'not work this time'. The Humax isn't good at loading files from USB that are fragmented, so I think the recommendation to format the drive and only have one file on it is valid, here is the list of recommendations from the WiKi :-

  • Ensure no other USB devices are connected
  • Do not use a USB extender cable
  • Removing all other files / full-formatting can prevent file fragmentation
  • Try both USB ports (HDR)
  • Smaller capacity drives seem to work more successfully than large ones
  • Last Resort, Try a different USB Flash Drive
Thanks for the reply Tell. Yes I'm sure that I'm doing it correctly. As I said I've upgraded at least twice since I got the box and also added the custom software on another occasion. The problem this time is that it never loads the new software, takes a second or two to think about it, (the usb stick is flashing away merrily), then it sort of gives up, I get a green screen for a second and then up comes the channel I was watching before I switched the box to standby. I've even turned the Hummy off and on at the back to see if that helped but no luck.

I will next reformat my usb stick to ensure its FAT32 and have another go.
Thanks also Ezra. I'll keep persevering. I'm going to reformat an old 2gb USB stick next rather than the 8gb ones I've been using and will let you know if I'm more succesful.
OK its working! Before I head off to Beachey Head I will hang my head in shame and admit that I forgot one simple step and that's to fire the hummy up with the USB in place using the front panel button to start the box and not the remote.

My apologies for wasting your time. Personally I blame the whisky at Christmas! Next time I'll read the instructions more carefully and not assume I know it all.

Its easy not to read instructions in the age of where everything is suppose to be intutive. Still I much prefer the new implementation of the BBC iPlayer so was worth upgrading. Be good when the techi folks here get the ITV player working.
Well pulling the USB pen out and then hitting the big button on the front, failing to pull out the USB pen gets you round in circles, but was hitting the remote big button was dcoppards issue. I pull up the update instructions myself and follow them to the letter rather than trying to do it from memory, except where I didn't read the bit re the two custom menu packages needing to be removed as well which is specific to this upgrade.