HDR FOX T2 and Plex Media Server, so close!


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Hi guys,

I've recently got my house networked and have been trying to get seamless sharing connectivity between 3 devices serving 3 different rooms in the house:

1. Windows 7 PC
2. LG32LS570T TV
3. Humax HDR FOX T2

My box is running the customised firmware v2.15.

The PC hosts video, audio and photos.
The HDR hosts recorded TV
The LG is a bedroom TV

In the ideal setup, all devices should be able to access all media so it is available in all 3 rooms.

Almost everything is working, using plex media server on the PC. The LG TV can see all media and plays it fine. The humax can stream mp4 video with full search capability from plex and display jpeg photos but basic mp3 audio is causing me problems!

When i hit play it shows the box art, track name, length etc but never actually starts playing...

If i use another media server such as xbmc the same track plays just fine although i do lose the nice box art etc that plex provides.

Does anyone else use plex media server? Anyone fancy giving it a go and letting me know if it works for you?

I can host the audio in other ways on the machine but its just so annoying that i'm so close to my ideal setup using a single program and its audio streaming that misbehaves!

If anyone has any suggestions of a simple setting that might sort it, that would be greatly appreciated. The fact that the TV can play the media is making me point the finger at the HDR rather than the server but i'm not really sure where the issue lies tbh.