HDR-FOX T2 and teletext

andy franks

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Hi all,
I've done a search but couldn't quite find the answer I'm after. Recently bought an HDR and put custom firmware on it, and also have a foxsat-hdr with Raydon's firmware on it. Question is - on the foxsat, with copied .ts files, there was usually an embedded teletext subtitle stream, which doesn't seem to be present on the freeview box. Mixed results from just doing the text button on various channels and going to 888, some "don't do" text at all, some give a message saying teletext isn't available. Should I be expected teletext subs on some/all/no recordings? The one I did was from ITV HD..
If I'm stuck with DVB subtitles (bitmap based), does anybody know any way of editing the main .ts with, say, avidemux and then "cut out" the subs bits alongside the picture? I've been using teletext stream extracted with ffmpeg and then a python script I made to cut out the teletext regions, which is great, but I can't even work out how to dump the dvb subtitles..
As far as I know the equivalent to Teletext in Freeview is the Red Button service, nothing carried as codes in the off-screen scan lines (because there aren't any). The subtitle stream is, as you say, bit-mapped graphics.

As it happens there is a topic about extracting it HERE (click).
Ah, thanks. I guess DVB-T(2) is different from DVB-S(2) in it's standards. All exports from the foxsat box have the teletext stream data. I'll check the thread you posted - thanks.