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HDR-Fox T2 Constant Deleting


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I've noticed some old threads that refer to the same problems i'm experiencing. Are there any 2019 solutions? Also I cannot rewind live tv, recording light on but no recordings are being saved. Edit channels & Installation both greyed out.

Any advice please! Thanks


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The solution remains fixdisk.

What has improved for those who are not interested in checking if there is anything else wrong with their disk is that the fix for the "Constant Deleting" issue is given as an option far nearer the start of its checking.
What you need to do isn't as technical, or as complex, as it may first appear. Also if you haven't already got the custom firmware installed you may easily find that it has other advantages for you.
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Thanks for your response Luke could I please ask how do I go about getting the custom firmware installed? Do I need to down load this software on to a USB stick then???

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Everything you need to know is described here (even the deleting problem):



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The biggest hassle with installing the CF can be finding a USB stick that works - the Humax can be quite picky.
If one doesn't work try another. Older small drives tend to work better than larger ones.

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Hi what size usb stick is best?
That's a difficult question. The point is that the firmware update process only has access to old USB storage drivers, so any UPD that needs more recent drivers won't work. You're looking for old and therefore small UPDs, and it's just a case of keep trying until you find one that does work.

To test: put a firmware update file on the candidate UPD, plug it in and reboot. If the HDR starts into the firmware update screen... bingo, you've found one that works.

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