HDR-Fox T2 crashes trying to access Universal Media Server


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My HDR-Fox T2 sees the media server and will navigate so far in the server's directory structure but then consistently crashes. My HD-Fox T2, which is on the same network, accesses the server and plays movies as it should. Both the HDR and the HD machines are running the latest customised firmware with much the same packages installed. The Universal Media Server version is 5.0.1.
Install the dlna-filter package and exclude the server's IP address. The HDR will still see the server's content.
The HD doesn't crash because it doesn't have a DLNA server.
I installed the dlna-filter package and put the ip of the PC running Universal Media Server into the package settings and rebooted the HDR. The HDR still crashed on trying to read the directory on the Universal Media Server. I switched off the DLNA server on the HDR, the HDR crashed as before.