HDR Fox T2 crashing

Paul Turner

New Member

I have a HDR FOX T2 with custom firmware installed, works great except today when I select to play media from my network wirelessly, the Hummy crashes and reboots. I have done nothing new apart from usual updates through Webif. No equipment has been changed although I have recently re tuned due to the Film 4 reallocation. Any help appreciated.

Have you tried to play different formats of media .e.g. AVI, MKV, *.TS files, I have seen the Humax react badly to file type it considers to be incompatible
I don't get that far as when it searches for my PC, it finds it and then when I select it is when I get a display ticker saying CRASH rebooting in 10, 9, 8 etc. The strange thing is that it's just begun to happen. Rebooted everything, including the network and still happening. Baffling.
Although the symptoms are not the normal ones, It's worth pointing out that the Humax crashes when Content sharing = on and it finds a server on the network it doesn't like, the two commonest are Twonky Version 7 and Cyberlink Power DVD 11, I mention this just in case you have recently installed a media streaming program on any item that the Humax can see on the LAN
Thanks for your answer. I have recently updated Power DVD 12. Is that known to cause issues? Might uninstall anyway as it's complete bloatware.