HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware TV picture problems.


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Picked up my HDR-FOX T2 today and had a play to make sure all was ok(which it was)
Then got the latest custom firmware and installed it.

All went well so I restarted the box. It says custom 3.02 as it's booting up
then is tells me I'm watching BBC 1 but then picture flutters.
I can see a picture for a very sort time then I get a black screen.

I can install the custom web page with no problem and update. But still no picture from the TV.
It will flash on\off in I change the channel, then stay off.

Read the wiki and can't see were I'm going wrong. Can anyone help please.


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All sorted now. For others it was my LG TV. I reset the TV with all the HDMI cables out and everything is ok now.. Sorry about this people.