HDR Fox T2 File ts Editing

xyz321 has produced a superb upgrade for auto-unprotect btw which should see the end of files being missed...

Totally agree that we're getting off topic, but...what are the new features? I can't seem to find a thread... Honestly, I have looked!
Today's experience copying & editing .ts files.
From modified Hummy copied short recording of StdDef & HiDef(un-enc) to usb stick(fat32).
Both played correctly with Splash Lite, but VLC would not play the HiDef with sound.
Using AVS Video Editor v5.2 loaded and edited and saved (no save to .ts option) stddef which then played correctly with VLC & Splash Lite. However the hidef would only load into AVS without its sound track, it edited ok and saved, but without a soundtrack.
Would dearly like to edit HiDef correctly Anybody any ideas? I know you're going to say I haven't copied the HiDef correctly using Ext3 formatting etc, but Splash Lite plays HiDef copied this way correctly, why?
Oh yes you need a speedy pc, AVS needs a lot of processor power.
OK. Finally some HD success!

Here's my latest experience of copying and converting hummy .ts files, from my HDR with latest (1.12) custom f/w and auto-unprotect:

After extensive (but not exhaustive) testing...

Copied files using webif over wifi.

SD files read into Freemake 2.4.0 and seem to convert using almost any setting I care to throw at it. All good.

HD .ts file will only play properly using Splash Lite, nothing else (not MPC, VLC, WMP etc).

HD file read into Freemake OK, but only produces usable output if I select one of the "To Android" presets, and then manually edit (via the little cog-wheel icon) the settings.
The key seems to be to manually set the frame rate to be the same as the source material (it was 50fps for stuff from BBC HD). Weirdly, the default framerate setting in Freemake was "Original" but that always produced rubbish. You actually had to set the required framerate to the number value you want, and it had to be the same as the source (which you can easily tell from Freemake). Doing that, I can get a 720p mp4 file with aac audio which seems to play fine in most media players on my Win7 PC, and is roughly half the file size of the original ts file.

I have not tried editing at all, as I'm generally not interested in that. Also not yet tried playing it back on the Hummy, or streaming to the Hummy. That's for another day.

So overall, I'm a happy bunny now. Big thanks for the heads up about Freemake (and for all the custom dev work, obviously, without which etc etc...)
Conversion speed on my 3 y.o. AMD Phenom quad core with Win7-64 is tolerable.
Interesting, but I'm at a loss to understand why this happens. Certainly, I've never had a problem with the standard profiles. Your other findings confirm my own: you should find that the mp4 transfers back successfully to the Hummy, but given the other oddities you've encountered, crossed fingers might be in order.
Hooray. I have now also confirmed that the 720p mp4 file I made with Freemake (from and HD recording) will play OK on the Hummy locally, and will also stream over the network to the Hummy (either via WMP from the PC OR from a USB hdd plugged into my wifi router, via the built in media server in the router.) And the transport controls all work OK when streaming. So I am totally sorted now!
At the risk of sounding like a paranoid nutter, I have uninstalled Freemake...

I just thought: what is their business model? It's all very slick and professional looking, seems to be based at least partly in Russia, and is all rather secretive. It's not open source or anything like that, but they seem to have no revenue source - there's no paid version of any software. And when I tried to uninstall it I ended up with a couple of files that were really troublesome to remove. Then I tried reinstalling it, but without giving it blanket freedom on Comodo firewall, and it seemed to be trying to do something to the firewall software!

I dunno, i'm probably being massively over cautious, and it's a shame cos I REALLY like the software. Maybe I'll install it in its own special virtual machine or something...
For years I've been using top-notch free software like Irfanview, Foobar 2000, SABnzbd, RadioSure - it's a long list. I'd hate to think I need to do a due diligence every time I install free software. Freemake has been well reviewed by a number of reputable sources and in terms of its financial basis, it seems to be no more suspect than its predecessors - software like Super and Handbrake. They do sell mousemats and fridge magnets, after all... I rather doubt that I'm unknowingly signed up to a botnet.

(In some modes, Comodo truly is paranoid. I suppose you're using the free version...?:D)
Yes i'm using the free Comodo! :)

I'm sure you are probably right fenlander: I've just spent/wasted an entire Saturday evening running every kind of check I can think of looking for signs of malware on my PC and I've found nothing...
Hi Guys,

First post on Hummy.tv so 'Hi!' to all! :) Been following for some time and read pretty much everything there is on the HDR FOX T2. LOL

Now, I'm writing 'cause I've got a problem with all of my HD files and am properly stuck!

A little background:

Bought HDR-FOX-T2 1TB June'11
Started playing up 'bout a week ago - picture freezing while playing back recorded 'stuff' whilst recording 'stuff'.
Humax replaced the box...I think you know where this is going...
I backed-up all the programmes on the old box and transferred them to the new box, via a USB HDD. Obviously, they wouldn't play , so I took all the .hmt files and ran them through Foxy and then copied (via OPT+) all the programmes over to the HDD I had plugged into the back of the HDR-FOX-T2 1TB. Now, the SD files can be played back and obviously, no-go with the HD ones. I have transfered the unencrypted HD files (yup, from within the Humax media interface they are not showing the ENC graphic, just the HD graphic) over to the PC for transcoding into something that I can playback.

Problem is, I cannot open these files in ANY third party software I have tried so far - everything from tsMuxer, VLC (will not even play the files), VideReDo, Freemake, Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate, etc. Actually, VideoReDo has given me the best clue as to where the problem may lie - it returns an error of 'No PMT (Map Tables) found in this transport stream'. I assume that is because of the way the Humax encodes/records these .ts files? Oh yeah, the only info MediaInfo returns is that the file is 'BDAV' and 'No PAT/PMT', which follows the error reported by VideoReDo.

Anyhow, I have a question...

I'm running the official Humax 1.02.20 and have been toying with the idea of installing the modified software, mainly because of one package - auto-unprotect. The question is, does 'auto-unprotect' do something more than Foxy, thus allowing you guys to playback/edit/transcode HD files recorded by the HDR-FOX-T2?

Bit of a long-winded first post, huh... ;)

Been there and feel your pain RapsterUK :mad:
I have spent countless hours/days/weeks over the past few years working through various video and audio problems and their solutions but this one has me stumped - so far - ask my wife, I don't do giving up ;)
I have come close a few times. With eac3to and most recently (after adding the streaming option provided by UPnP Inspector) VLC.
The latter gave me a clue that - if it can play the file it must be able to provide the video and audio streams for the hardware to use and therefore can be used to create a new file by capturing those streams. However, I have not been able to disable VLC's audio normalizing which cuases the volume of the finished file to go up and down. I have raised the problem on the VLC streaming forum but nobody there seems willing or able to help.
Rapster's problem was one of not having decrypted the files and no longer having the means to decrypt the files. I presume that is not your problem also?
Not quite.
I haven't tried the software mod yet so it was the standard route of Foxy | Copy to .ext3 USB external drive | FTP to PC. The resulting file is, as Rapster noted, a homogenous/homologous lump of BDAV (No PAT/PMT) which I couldn't crack open.
As I wrote above, I got close by copying the copy back onto the T2 and using UPnP Inspector to get the address of the .ts file, inputting that to VLC and saving the output. The resulting file showed all the hallmarks of being exactly what I'd expect in the container :-

ID 101 - AVC 1440x1080 16:9 25fps
ID 102 - AAC 6 channels 48 KHz
ID 106 - AAC (the audio description)
ID 105 - Text (the subs)

But again as noted, the audio had been altered (despite putting every setting I could find in VLC to original) and had wild variations in volume.

I'm currently writing this on my laptop as my desktop (circa 2003) gave me a heart attack by having one of it's own and showing me a BSOD which hasn't re-occurred but my new Dell with HD playback is currently in Poland on it's way here. Hopefully I can get back to the problem once I've built the new system.
Some news on Freemake - I used it yesterday to remove the ads and join both parts of Toy Story from Ch5 and save it back to an MP4 file for storage on my NAS and playback on the Hummy. It was as easy as has already been reported - the only thing to remember is to set the 'Join' button at the top right corner of the window but otherwise editing was pretty much in real time and not too tricky to get to frame by frame cut points. In terms of output it took about 90 mins to process the file on my laptop (dual 2.4gb core 4gb ram windows perf index 5.1) so all things considered, and based on other tests I think we can collectively list Freemake as a viable option for SD file editing and output to a format that the Hummy likes AND allows transport controls both off the box and across a network. I've yet to see anyone post anything conclusive about full HD files (and maintaining HD through to output) although the reports on going to 720p seem to be very positive. I will edit the first post to put Freemake as the first realistic (truly free) option. Now to move onto some of the others I've found - I'm still on the trail of a free full HD solution!!!!!.......
STOP PRESS - I may have found a "VideoRedo Killer". The program is called TsSniper (yes Sniper not Snipper). I found it listed on a site I used to use a lot when first looking at using a PC to manage camcorder footage. This is the write up which also has a link to the download site http://www.videohelp.com/tools/TSSniper

I have downloaded it and used it to trim & edit my Transformers file. It loaded the 11GB file in a couple of seconds (v. quick!!), allowed me to move freely back and forth through the file with a slider bar (better than VRD does om my laptop at least), ffwd and rw buttons (skip length configurable), and frame by frame. Select start and end points and add selection to cut list. When done export the file and there you have it - and it only took 15 minutes to export the new file. I put it back on the Hummy and it played - ALMOST perfectly! The picture seemed fine (I need to do more testing) but there was no sound - I had not had sound when I was editing but I'd hoped that might have just been on my laptop, plus I wanted to test the whole process and timings anyway. I then tried an SD file and that appeared to work perfectly including the sound (but |I haven't proven that all the way to the Hummy yet). I still have to see why the sound is proving an issue but I'm hoping that'sjust something I can solve with a Codec. When the program runs it also kicks of ffdshow video decoder and Haali media splitter but I don't know enough about these to know if there is a setting I can change. I'm going to keep trying this as this really does work well and will be my top pick for SD files if it all proves good. If anyone has any suggestions about the HD sound?.....
BTW note to everyone - I run AVG free on my laptop so while I can't guarantee the absolute safety of everything I'm only posting links to software that I've tried myself without any warnings appearing. As with anything please take whatever precautions you personally feel are necessary when trying anything out.
Wow! That sounds amazing. Editing a proxy file for responsiveness and then spending longer to commit the edits on the real file (unattended) I can understand, but 11GB is a lot of data to move so quickly in anybody's money.
Wow! That sounds amazing. Editing a proxy file for responsiveness and then spending longer to commit the edits on the real file (unattended) I can understand, but 11GB is a lot of data to move so quickly in anybody's money.
I know (although I'm not smart enough to word it like that but I know what you mean:)) - my first reaction was that it couldn't have worked! I even came out of it and loaded it in again to make sure!
First the good news: looks like a decent editor for SD files. The only save option is back to .ts, but that's bearable. I must say, though, that with a SD file loaded the editor is no better than Freemake - and Freemake can save to .mpg with original settings very quickly, as well as having many other file options.
Now the bad news: for me HD files don't load. Every time I try, I get a "FFDShow problem - Failure while trying to render filtergraph" error. And yes, I have installed the latest versions of FFDShow and Haali splitter, as suggested. I tried running the file through .tsMuxer first, but that loses the audio stream.

[EDIT] My bad. In FFDShow video config I enabled H.264 - HD files now load.
@fenlander - although I've seen Haali before when trying other programs I was unaware I still had it on my machine although for me TSSniper ran first time without having to prompt me to download so I guess it was in there somewhere already. Anyway the version of Haali I have is - how does that compare to yours?

You're right about the "Save As" options being better on Freemake - but what impressed me with TSSniper was the speed it loaded the HD file and how quick (comparatively) it saved it. Maybe I'll need to review SD and HD requirements seperately? Looks like it's another one of my simple questions that ends up with a complicated answer :( Still never mind - good software is like chips - taste better when free!!!!! And a fortnight ago I was still saving up for a license for VideoRedo - now I can buy food for the kids instead! :D Also thanks for your help so far.
I'm making some progress here. Having enabled FFDShow for H.264 I was able to load the first part of "American Gangster" and edit it. The editor is certainly much more responsive than the one in Freemake, though the jump lengths for the forward/back buttons need resetting (I used 200ms).
First problem: I couldn't add the second part of the movie to the project because it is "in a different format" (?).
Second problem: The file saved OK - but without sound. All the important audio codecs are enabled in FFDShow so I'm not sure where to go from here. Interesting that TSMuxer also does not recognise the audio stream in Humax HD .ts files. The fast save is down to there being no transcoding involved. Freemake can do this if you choose the right output format.
+ Good editor, looks good with SD files.
- Requires FFDShow, Haali, only saves as .ts, no sound so far, won't load multiple parts if it thinks they're in different formats.
I think that what I want now is the TSSniper editor transplanted into the Freemake encoder.;)
Progress here too - I have sound on an HD file :). I went and looked for an AAC codec to see if that would help and ended up going for the full "K-light mega codec pack 7.8.0" from www.free-codecs.com. I restarted and tried my short HD tester and I knew something was different as I got a dialog box I'd not seen before telling me I might not be able to change the Audio Stream, OK'd this and hey presto we got sound! Gonna take me longer to see the audio through to the Hummy but it's looking promising. Anyone got any reasons not to list this one on the first post?