HDR Fox T2 Freeview+ dying?


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I have a HDR Fox T2 Freeview+ box and it has suddenly stopped recording or playing back any saved recordings. Nothing happens when I press "media" on the remote control, and if I try to record anything I just get a wee circle with a line through it in the top right hand corner of my screen. I can't pause or rewind live TV either.

I've left the box switched off for hours and reset the box back to factory settings, but no joy. The box is under 3 years old, I would have thought it should last a bit longer than that?

I would be very grateful if anyone as any ideas? (Or even just a bit of sympathy!)
You could try installing the custom FW via a USB stick in case there is a corrupt file somewhere, unless when you say back to factory settings you mean you did it by downloading the humax FW and reinstalling it as a new install.

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Thank you for answering so quickly!

I just did the reset from the menu on screen, I haven't downloaded anything. (Please bare with me, I'm not very techy!)

Do you know where I can download the FW from? (Not that I know what the FW actually is!)
Jailbrkr21, I've been onto the Humax website, downloaded the update and that's not helped either. :(

Black Hole, thanks for the link. I'm beginning to suspect that the box could be nearing the end of it's life... Bit disappointed as I naively thought it would last longer than 3 years, but I suppose I based that assumption in the price of the box in the first place!

Thanks again to both of you for all your help. :)
Jailbrkr21, I've been onto the Humax website, downloaded the update and that's not helped either. :(
That's not what he meant.

I have just updated the post I linked to previously.

There doesn't sound to be anything wrong with your HDR-FOX that can't be cured by fitting a new HDD for no more than £60. In the best case, you might get some more life out of the existing drive by running the disk fixing process described in the linked post. In the worst case, it is possible that the drive controller is dead, in which case it would be wasted money to buy a new drive for it - however, running the disk fixing would give a pretty good idea of whether the controller is OK, and fitting any SATA drive temporarily would confirm it one way or the other.

It is all very easy and nothing to be scared of, you just have to work through it step by step. There is nothing to lose at this stage, and everything to gain.