HDR-FOX T2 no longer visible to Windows network following HDD replacement


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Recently, my HDR-FOX T2 informed me that the internal 500Gb HDD was showing signs of failing, so I bought a shiny new Seagate Pipeline 1Tb to replace it with. Installed the new drive without problem, configured the web IF as previously, copied the data over from the old drive; job done - or so I thought. However, now the unit no longer shows up on my Windows network as it did before, and I can't map the two USB ports to drive letters (with USB pen drives plugged into them, of course) as they were previously, because they aren't visible any more. I made sure Content Sharing was enabled, but still no joy. I can still access it via the web IF, and everything appears to be OK from there. My FOXSAT-HDR is still visible on my network, but not the HDR-FOX. Wouldn't have thought replacing the hard disk would have any effect on the network connectivity. Any ideas, anyone?

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Yes, I think so. Currently my Samba shares only make the Media tree visible to Windows (although, curiously, using Samba through network-shares-automount does access any USB drives). I set these things up so long ago I can't remember what's what.