HDR-FOX T2 remote controller

So, I am thinking, how do I use a remote controller to operate one T2 unit without interfering with a second unit, is there a way to ensure a remote controller only works with a particular unit?


I am most grateful to all those of you who have been freely volunteering your help. Ordinarily the search facility is my friend. I find the volume of information on the forum overwelming and is easier for me to ask a question.


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If you find that long winded you need to avoid other 'Things' that may be of help on the forum
It is long winded description compared to the version of it liked in post 2. It attempts to split the original step 4 into 2 separate steps.

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Often being thorough has to be long-winded. That's not necessarily a defect. Gathering all information in one place makes it easier/quicker to locate, but not necessarily quicker to sift and digest. The wiki is mainly about CF, Things Every... is mainly about the quirks of the HDR-FOX as standard. The main beef I have with the wiki is that it does not contain enough cross-reference to forum material, where people might find supplementary information or be directed to the appropriate thread to ask for it (and before you ask, the reason I don't write on the wiki is the markup format).

The problem is the modern lack of attention span, which results in people asking to be spoon-fed the information they want rather than go looking for it themselves, whereas I grew up in an age without the Internet and if you wanted to know something you had to get yourself down to the reference library and hope they had a relevant book.

easier for me to ask a question
Easier for who?

From Newbies' Guide to the Forum (click):
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More about search (with regard to HDR-FOX and HD-FOX specifically, not other models)...

However, some information is considered so useful that the relevant threads are pinned at the top of the thread listing for that section of the forum (which otherwise lists the threads with the most recent content first). That is the point in case with the current topic, where even a cursory look should have found:


Ditto the Newbie's Guide, which is pinned in the Introductions section.

Nonetheless, questions do help us track what particular problems people are having, even if those problems have been addressed many times before.