HDR Fox-T2 replacement?:Argos advertising new Humax HDR-2000T 500gb Freeview HD Digital TV Recorder

Jeremy Harrison

New Member
While looking at the Humax HDR Fox-T2 to replace my recently expired Humax 9200T, I came across the newly listed Humax HDR-2000T . Cannot post link to Argos page as I am a new member but a quick search will reveal all!

It seems like they are clearing stock of HDR Fox-T2 and replacing with this model, although I cannot find any web references to this new model and it is not in stock in Argos!

I wonder if this is just a refresh or a brand new model, which runs different firmware?

I think I will stick with the HDR Fox-T2 anyway


Typical Argos : )
I wonder if the HDR Fox-T2 does say 2000 somewhere on it.
Barry over on MyHumax.org has acknowledged that the HDR-2000T is under development but not ready for launch yet.
Ah, that's a shame, The HDR-Fox T2 will no longer be a current model. I never saw the DTR T1000/1010 as a replacement and it looks like Humax didn't either