HDR-FOX T2 to HDHomeRun, my journey

Black Cloud

With or without cataracts, it's clear to see that HD is getting worse over time, while SD is benefitting from the bandwidth saving advances trialled on HD. Broadcasters seemed to be fixated on reducing bandwidth ('cos they pay by the bit), only stopping short at transmitting blocky pictures. HD bandwidth has reduced from 20 megabits per second in the early days, to around 4mbps currently. Encoding H264 hasn't improved fivefold in the intervening time, so removing detail, texture and sparkle has made up most of the gap. Meanwhile SD has shown the benefits of greater processing power, and improved slightly.

Not to mention that the number of pixels on the displays never match the number of pixels being transmitted, so receivers have to scale the pictures, with some being worse than others, followed by artificial enhancements to make the results 'acceptable'.

No, I'm not in a bad mood...
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