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HDR-Fox T2

Hello, My Humax formatted an external HDD USB3 Toshiba drive, unfortunately as the the drive is USB powered, they were not compatible. I would like to format it back to format it as NTFS, but my computers only see the HDD as an additional disc, not an external drive for insance F/. So I cannot open or see any files, more importantly I cannot format the HDD as I do not have this option. Please can anyone help?


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So long as your comp can see the disk it can format it. You can then assign it a drive letter, either through Windows disk management (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management) or using a third-party utility like Easeus Partition Master.


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Try Easeus. It's an excellent partition manager - and free. Download it here.

If you still find format is unavailable, try deleting and recreating the partition first.