HDR lost signal

David bushby

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Hi unfortunately had problems over last week. Completely lost signal, then get it back then went again. Got man out to change LNB so he thought worked ok straight away. Broke again came back and changed LNB (dodgy batch apparently). Gone wrong again after 24 hours. Basically it appears to work if turned off completely then turned on after a couple of hours. I have removed blue ray player that was sat on the machine due to extra heat. Basically can the box overheat?
Thanks for any help
Could be the LNB overheating, but yes - something working for a while after it has been off for a period is a typical symptom of a heat-related problem, but that need not be overheating as such. It could be that an actual fault only shows up when the relevant unit warms up to a normal operating temperature - for example: a hairline crack in a PCB track makes adequate contact when completely cold, but opens up with even a modest increase in temperature.
Black hole - therefore realistically I am looking at a new unit?- also had thoughts it could be the fan - happened twice last night turned off for 2 hours then turned back on again and only worked 45 minutes then just said no signal.
No idea - I only said one example of what the problem could be, it will take more diagnosis to work out what the problem actually is and whether it it fixable. However, at some point one has to decide whether the effort of diagnosis is worthwhile.

I would start by trying to confirm whether the problem is in the Humax or the LNB - without knowing that you don't even know which of those to replace. Can somebody (eg your TV man) lend you a different satellite receiver to test the LNB? I have to say I am not very impressed that he just assumed that replacing the LNB would solve it.
Does not the fact that the OP has now had 3 LNBs with the same fault point rather strongly away from the fault being the LNB ?
I have to say I am not very impressed that he just assumed that replacing the LNB would solve it.
This is the mode of operation of all trades. Assume something is broken, change it, send customer a bill. Rinse and repeat when it isn't what they thought it was. They never make a proper attempt at fault-finding, never measure anything, it's all guess-work. And they never give refunds on the parts they fitted that were unnecessary.
Thanks very much for your help. As mentioned there could be a number of possible issues, I think with the box. The guy who came around was a nice enough chap and local but as mentioned previously if they can't fix it first time, turn to this useful site. Rather than waste more time and possible money it may be worth upgrading to a new box!
First thing to check is that the fan actually works on the unit (it might be clogged with dust). Try running the box with the lid off for an extended period. Also with the lid off set two simultaneous HD recordings and replay an existing one, does the fan eventually start up ?
When we had our original LNB fitted by Sky (makes a cross with two sticks) the installer said that 50% of his LNBs were faulty. In fact the first one he fitted was faulty.

David, I hope you get it sorted. The brilliant folk here solved my problems with signal loss by having me buy and fit a new larger dish and then align it. Alignment was OK until I tightened all the bolts, when the dish went out of vertical alignment. In the end, I used the wall bolts to adjust vertical alignment! :D
Hi quick update - took top off and cleared everything around the system - tried a couple of double recordings and watched recorded programme and worked all evening rather than normal 1 hour recently, but fan I am certain never kicked in- firstly with top off it worked all night and secondly I think fan dead. Any suggestions on replacement fan? I presume it is simply removing the hard disk and fan and plug a new one in? Thanks
It looks like a standard PC fan. Just remove the hard disk carrier and the fan is removed with 4 screws. I can't remember the actual size. Did you try turning the fan by hand to check it's not just seized up ?