HDR-T2 forgets some channels on reboot


I have a HDR-T2 on 1.03.12 CF 3.10 I do a retune and get all the channels and save. After a reboot it has lost BBC News and Parliment SD Ch 22 as well as Sky Ch 53 and Russia today SD Ch 60.
Ive tried doing a default setting and switching off the power for a few minutes as well as re tuning with no aerial before a re tune with aerial in. All the other channels are ok. My TV is ok with those channels and the signal strengh is on 10 max. Im on the Belmont transmitter East York and Lincs.

Any help appreciated.


Just checked I had Tunefix installed and although it was set correctly for my region it was set to remove the channels above. I uninstalled it. T2 remembers all channels now
Thanks for everyones help with this.
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I uninstalled it.
Why didn't you just configure it properly? And how was it wrong in the first place?
It sounds like you had whole muxes deleted, rather than individual services, which would've meant some degree of manual configuration not via the web interface. Curious...