HDR to HDR communication

I would like to be able to setup a HDR unit to communicate with a second unit so that programs may be played from one to the other. So what is possible please using the CF setup and is there a link to the information, I have read the Wiki info, but I am not sure.

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You can do that without CF: On each unit: Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = On, and then you access the other unit using Media >> Storage (blue) >> Network.

The playback is relatively limited however. If you would like to be able to treat the external recordings as if they were local (complete with bookmarking, resume, FF/REW... and even delete), see the network-shares-automount thread.

For non-native recording "exchange", you will either need to decrypt everything, or you will need to set the encryption key the same on both units... or preferably both. I run all my units with an encryption key of all zeros – see WebIF >> Settings >> Advanced Settings. BEWARE: If you use the CF to change a unit's encryption key, you lose access to any recordings made with the original key... unless you decrypt them first (or restore the key).

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