HDR2000 or the HDR FOX T2 ?

Mark Tiller

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Hi all..
I have a DTR T1000 youview but need a box that will allow manual tune and deleting of channels
Any advice on which one to go for? HDR2000 or the HDR FOX T2
thanks for any input
I am fairly sure that most people here would recommend the HDR-FOX T2, particularly if you want to use the customised firmware.
You are significantly limited by availability. HDR-FOX can be got if you try hard enough, otherwise you will end up with a HDR-2000T by default. However, if you want to know about the 2000, look in the right section of the forum where it is already being discussed.
I am not much of a techie, I prefer to plug things in and they work........
They are very similar, but ..

If your aerial can pick up more than 1 transmitter then the HDR-FOX T2 auto-tuning can cope, but with the HDR-2000T you may need to resort to manual tuning;
The HDR-FOX T2 can be easier to set up as the RF out will passthrough the aerial signal both when it switched on and when it is standby;
There are NO reports of 'Failure to record due to loss of power' with the HDR-FOX T2, (there are reports of such recording failures with the other one);
Manually started SD recordings on the HDR-FOX T2 can always be exported OK on the HDR-FOX T2;
The HDR-FOX T2 handles subtitles on the new HD channels better;
The HDR-FOX T2 handles 4:3 TVs a lot better;
The remote has more buttons and so some functions are more easily accessible and therefore can be easier to make work;
The remote has more buttons and some of the additional ones add functionality only available on the HDR-FOX T2;
The HDR-FOX T2 can work an amplifier and a DVD player/recorder as well as the PVR and the TV;
The HDR-FOX T2 has a display unit on the front so its easier to see what it is doing (but it is very dim and may not always be visable).

Being newer the HDR-2000T:
can handle IPTV channels OK;
may well have software updates for longer and perhaps some of them will fix the additional issues it has;
Additionally the HDR-2000T has less buttons on the remote and therefore can be less daunting to make it work.
Thanks for the links, I was looking for one fast and didn't want to wait for delivery, I have used Humax direct before and would have no hesitation doing so again.
I actually went to Richer sounds after checking stock online but they had nothing available (should always ring first) so I got the 2000T new with 5 yr warranty from them (all is good now, im happy with it)