Help please - Maintenance mode stuck at '51'


Ye Olde Bowler
I wanted to do a disk check and, for some reason, used the option in Diag to enter Maintenance mode.
I restarted the pvr and the front panel just showed did its usual thing but stuck on ...51.
I powered off and on and the panel shows the tuned tv channel. However when I connect via telnet it just shows:
Maintenance mode is initialising... Please wait... (and hundreds of dots ever increasing)
I cannot access via WebIf as my browser cannot establish a connection.
How can I get out of this please ?
Power off and on again and it should boot to normal mode.
No idea what's going on there though, it shouldn't stop counting down.
When I had the same symptom last week it was after I had putted into maintenance mode when it was in active standby.
Sorry to reopen an old thread but having the same problem. Rebooted my box a few times. Had the 51% Maintenance Mode issue twice then rebooted back to normal mode but had to reboot again to get the clock corrected. Any suggestions? Was this resolved by anybody else?
See post 2. Did you just reboot or have you powered off, waited until the disk stops (about 30 seconds) then power on ?
It worked for me...
Yes I did get it back working again. However when I first got into maintenance mode successfully, I was unable to run the fixdisk diagnostic because the hard drive was still mounted. I thought part of going into maintenance mode was to un-mount the drive. The output from the Humax was frozen but the audio was working and continuing to play the show being broadcast.

I have had many recordings fail in the past few weeks, so wonder if my hard drive is nearer the end of it's life (500GB). Had the unit since 2011. Wanted to run a full scan and repair of the disk to see if that resolved the issue temporarily or start to investigate investing in a 2GB drive and doing an upgrade myself.
I was unable to run the fixdisk diagnostic because the hard drive was still mounted
If you post the exact error you're seeing we can help without guesswork, but there is a known problem with CFW 3.10 and the latest fix-disk when you have Expert Telnet Mode enabled. If it's enabled, try turning it off.