help please. packages dont seem to be working

Hi, im running humax firmware 1.03.12 and custom firmware 3.03 and web interface version 1.3.0-5. I noriced recently that my detect ads stopped working when nothing was going into the deleted items folder. Also a few other things stopped working such as epg defaults to tv schedule now rather than favourites 1. im not very savvy but i tried i think, it was to reinstall flash packages and resetting detect ad options but its not working, what can i do to get this back working again? Any advice for a non techy type gratefully received.
What did you do to "reinstall flash packages" - go to the WebIF Diagnostics and select "fix flash packages"?
What are your detectads settings?
Do you have any messages in the detectads.log?
Have you checked 'Channel Group for EPG' in the EPG settings?