Horror Channel - Does not appear to have been transmitted


I've been recording DR Who in the horror channel - but for the last week or so I'm getting recordings with zero minutes and the message that the programme doesn't appear to have been transmitted.

Tried a re-tune over the weekend, but got the same problem today.

All other channels are ok


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It swapped multiplexes with CBS Drama about a week and a half ago. If you switch to channel 70, is it there now you have retuned? The placeholder which would have been at channel 70 before you retuned is still being transmitted on channel 792. You will need to set up your recordings again, making sure they configured to record channel 70. I have the custom firmware, and when I first restored my recording schedule from a back up, recordings on Horror were set up for channel 792 and would have failed.


Super thanks - I did delete and re-add the schedule, but looks like the box still have the channel on 70 (working) and 792 (with retune screen). Deleted the schedule again and re-added just with channel 70