How can I download indvidual recording


I have Fox T2 - HDR
Running Custom firmware version: 3.13 (build 4028) and accessing via a FireFox Browser,

I have 2 recordings I would like to move to my PC desktop ..... I have the browser access set up and can see the recordings, thought it would be as easy as drag to desktop, or right-click download .... apparently not.

Is there an easy way ?

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thought it would be as easy as drag to desktop
From the WebIF? You must be joking. The recording listing in the WebIF media browser is not a directory listing of files.

right-click download
Have you not tried clicking the OPT+ button (adjacent to the recording listing) for "extended options"... including the option to download? It's called OPT+ because thats what the extended options button is called on the remote control handset.

Besides that option, and presuming you have already decrypted the file you wish to transfer, you could used FTP, or install samba (for Windows) or nfs-utils (for Linux) and use Network Attached Storage through you file manager... lots of ways.


OK ... thought download via the web i/f was a logical option .... wrongly
I used a USB stick ..... then converted TS to mp4


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A whole load of work was done by /df on stuff like this. I forget whether it's in WebIf beta 1.4.9-6 or my 1.4.9-6c update now, but I don't think it's in standard 1.4.9.


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I don't think it is, but in any case that's just the Play button in the Details pseudo-dialog. Opt+>Download isn't affected.