How can I print a thread/post


Ye Olde Bowler
I have looked everywhere (I think) but cannot find a straightforward way to do the above.
I see that XenForo do a Thread Print add-on but it appears that this has not been implemented, if, in fact, it can be.
I am aiming to change the hard disk in my HDR tomorrow and it would be great if I could print out the excellent thread/post created by Black Hole on how to do this.
I know I should not be wasting valuable resources by printing but I like to be able to scribble on instructions and go back and forth through them...
Do you not have an alternate device (smartphone or tablet) to show the instructions?

Does not the inbuilt browser Print function do what you want?
There are lots of ways to commit a web page to print, but I suspect the OP is looking for something that splits an entire multi-page thread nicely across multiple print sheets. Don't bother - just print it (or output to PDF and then print that).

However, changing the HDD really is easy and I doubt you need to constantly refer to a manual. Just read the thread a couple of times and then use your eyes and brain and you'll be fine.

Tapatalk/smartphone is your downfall - take a look at the thread in a normal browser window on a proper size screen and you should find it easier.
Thank you both for your responses - I was looking, as BH says, for 'nicely across multiple print sheets'.
I will just use the browsers print facility and go from there...
I did the hard disk swap and filter removal successfully today. For info I set up viewing the post by:
Printing the thread to a PDF using the browser's print function
Copying the PDF to a tablet
Connecting the tablet to the TV using 'cast'.
Result was a lovely big picture of the instructions with the ease of scrolling on the tablet.

And yes BH it is a very straightforward process - thanks