How do I stream recordings via internet?

Who Max?

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I have recently installed the latest custom firmware onto my HDR FoxT2, installed the web IF and everything’s working very nicely, thank you very much.
The assistance given on the wiki and various forum posts was excellent - well done all.

I now want to know how I can stream recordings over the internet to a remote device, e.g. my iPad.

I’ve set up a No-IP account, port forwarding (user defined external port), static IP for the Humax and the inadyn package and set up the WebIF for https and configured user login accounts. Since I’m using https I’ve port forwarded the external user defined port to internal port 443 (https port).

The port forwarding works, as confirmed from No-IP and an independent port checker website. I can access the WebIF from the internet with user logins no problem.

So, my issues are this:
1. Accessing the WebIF from the internet first comes up with various warnings about untrusted certificates etc. I can click through these to get to the WebIF but is there a way to stop this, i.e. install a trusted cert?
2. Whilst I can play recordings on my iPad on my local network using Infuse 5 or VLC player, I don’t know what I need to do to access/play those same recordings over the internet. I just get an http error. As we know, playing directly within the WebIF doesn’t work.

I’ve tried this on standard iOS Safari and Firefox for iOS.

Much appreciated if anyone can help with this. I’ve searched the wiki and forums and can’t find anything that addresses this.