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How To Add Detectads


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Hi guys, newbie here. Anyhow, I’ve read up on how to add cfw, but could someone explain how to add packages. I’m looking at detectads, any help on how it works would be extremely useful. Many thanks.

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Wrong section of the forum (now moved by the moderators) - queries about custom firmware have their own section of the forum here: https://hummy.tv/forum/forums/hd-hdr-fox-t2-customised-firmware.28/

At the top of the topic listing there are some pinned posts (so they are always presented at the top), including "Quick Start Guide". Post 3 (Configuration) tells you what to do to add packages.

Specific information about detectads can be found in the wiki (link at the top of the screen, near the left): main index page, under Custom Firmware Guides, "DetectAds detect and remove ad breaks". Also near the top of the custom firmware section of the forum, see "Index of Package Primary Topics".
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Fire up the Web Interface (WI) on your computer.
Click the Settings icon.
Look down the list for 'Settings for DetectAds' and 'Settings for Chaseget'

[If they are not there:
At the WI Home screen, Click on 'Packages'
Click the 'Available' tab
Look down the list for the aforementioned packages and install them.]

Go back to the 'Settings' page.
Select 'Settings for DetectAds' and set it up to your preference

The 'fan' package is another must have to keep the box cooler and quieter. Set tghe min fan speed to about 40-45% to start with and check the HDD temp in 'Sysmon' from the WI.