How to display videos from my iphone onto the humax?


On my dad's smart tv, I can use either allcast or imediashare to display videos/photos from my camera roll onto the TV. Can we do the same with the humax? Neither of those app detect the humax...

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You need a DLNA server. The alternative is custom firmware (on the HDR-FOX) and network file share, but the iPhone is too locked down for that.


Try the Apple TV box. It's currently around £60 and works brilliantly. I use it to stream Netflix, BBC iplayer etc from my iPad. I long ago gave up on the Humax TV portal and just stream. You can use AirPlay on apps that support it or mirroring for others. A few actively block streaming - CH4 was one but I'm not sure if that's still the case as the ads were so intrusive I gave up on it.