How to: Humax UPNP to Amazon Fire Stick with seek!

My objective was to stream programmes from the Humax to a Fire TV stick in the kitchen and this is what I found worked best.

You will need to be able to sideload apps to the Firestick. To do this I used an app on an Android pad:

Apps sideloaded on the Fire Stick are:

Torrent Player (read on - allows seek within the recording!)

Mouse Toggle for Fire TV,1426633/

UPnPlay works nicely on the Fire Stick and allows you to select the required programme from the Humax and pass it to Torrent Player, which actually plays the video.

The reason for using Torrent Player, and not something like VLC for Android, is that Torrent Player allows you to seek within the stream and thus not watch adverts. In fact Torrent Player is the only video player I could find that would do this. (Most android video players appear to be either VLC or MX Player re-skinned). As you are not torrenting here, there is no harm in simply using Torrent player as a Video Renderer.

But, Torrent Player does not play nicely with the Fire TV remote. So, you need Mouse Toggle. Double press Play on the Fire remote and a mouse thing appears on the screen within apps. This allows you to manipulate the seek bar with the Fire remote.