How to set HDR Fox T2 initial channel?


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Hope someone can answer this one... my Humax always used to start up on BBC one, channel 1, but recently it insists on powering up on channel 200 "BBC Red Button". This is really annoying and I can't work out why it's doing it.

How do you set the default starting channel in the menu? Hope someone knows the answer!
You must be running the customised firmware along with the disable-ota package. The disable-ota package creates a daily wake-up reminder at 04:20 on a data channel to give complete protection against OTAs. A data channel is picked to minimise disk activity (and noise). If you want the benefits of disable-ota, then you do need that nightly reminder. You can change the channel used for the reminder using the standard on-screen menus - just find the reminder and change the channel. Alternatively, you can install the poweron-channel package and set a startup channel through that.
This is the result of recent changes to disable_ota.
You can set startup Channel, etc by installing "power on-channel" and then setting the "poc" values in settings.
EDIT: af123 just got there before me!
Thanks for both replies. Yes, I am running the custom firmware. I have changed the channel of the Disable OTA reminder to 1, so let's see if that fixes it! It was driving the wife mad. And me.