How to update from 3.00 to 3.02 - what are the consequences ?


Ye Olde Bowler

Being a newbie I have not had to update before. I have looked through both the forum and the wiki but cannot find out what might be removed when updating (eg, schedules, packages...).
Also do I just download the latest zip, unpack it and flash it to the Humax ?

Thank you

Black Hole

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There are no consequences - you just update it as a firmware update by USB. There may be a fix-up to do afterwards, in the form of running the fix-flash-packages diagnostic from the Diagnostics page of the WebIF.

There's no hurry though, 3.02 adds a few facilities behind the scenes which if you have not missed this far you won't notice once it is installed.


Ye Olde Bowler
Thank you Black Hole for your quick and reassuring reply - will update tomorrow...

I just like to know I have the most up-to-date version running
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