How to update or sync videos over network to be streamed


I'm wondering if there is a way to sync the video files i share over my network with the humax hdr-fox t2. Once i have downloaded new content, it doesnt appear instantly on the humax, is there a method either on my computer or box to sync/update files?



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How are you sharing with the Humax? If you are relying on some media server's DLNA capability, you need to somehow force the server to update its DLNA database. The DLNA system does not give you a direct view of the folder contents, they are given an indirect reference URL and that is what gets presented to the DLNA client (the Humax). This is so the is no user intervention needed, all Plug-n-Play.

If you want instant access, the custom firmware allows you to mount a remote drive as a network share, and that behaves as if it were a plugged-in USB drive.
Thanks for the reply, my link with the box is through homegroup in windows, I've had a look but cant seem to see a sync button. Its weird, some files once downloaded, appear instantly, yet others dont!

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I'm not sure how you are managing to get that far - it's not supposed to work like that (although the capability can be added through the custom firmware).

If you are trying to view Humax content on the PC you need a DLNA-compliant media player, eg VLC or XMBC. Bypassing the DLNA server by direct network share (even using the custom software) means the files accessed will be in the original encrypted form unless you take further measures to decrypt them. See HERE (click), section 5.
Sorry if ive not been clear, I am streaming from my pc to my tv through the humax box, to enable me to view movies etc that are on my laptop. I just go to media, network, then select my computer and whatever file from there. I have custom firmware installed to enable me to have sky player on the portal.

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OK, to access PC-hosted media via Media >> Storage (blue) >> Network you need to have a DLNA server configured on the PC, I believe Windows Media Player can do it. However, it can be a bit hit-and-miss for the Humax to find the remote server, it sometimes takes a while. The alternative is to use the network shares automount custom package to configure a network client and automatically mount it (whenever available) as a virtual USB drive (you will need a real USB drive/stick connected at the same time, to fool the Humax into looking).