hpkg.tv package - reinstalled humax, now can't connect online


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I had some problems with my humax as it kept rebooting so reinstalled what I believe is the latest version of the humax system onto it.
Since then I've not been able to connect to my humax PVR via the hpkg.tv website. It may be that I didn't install the modified system but the official release and lost the extra features that I had originally.

1. What's the way of telling what I have installed?
2. How do I install the hpkg.tv web option to it?

All help greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is having a great new year!



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The custom firmware version is displayed on the front panel during system startup. You need to have at least version 3 to download packages from the repository.


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Looks like I must have removed the custom firmware somehow. I don't remember using the telnet method as no custom firmware model number or description displays on the device when booting up. It just says A7.30 om the Television when loading up.
Looks like I'll try and reinstall a custom firmware again and take it from there. Thanks.