Humax 9150 freeview recorder


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Hi guys newbie here,
Just recently acquired a 9150 recorder which when plugged in with everything hooked up shows a screen that flickers every 5 seconds or so with please wait(2 secs), then loading version a4.39 100% then quick flicker of BBC2, I presume this isn't correct as the box sounds like the disc is stop starting trying to find something?
Any help greatly appreciated
When first switched on it will start to load any previously disc stored epg into volatile memory and also record the live buffer unless tuned to a data channel (e.g. channel 200), or a channel that is not being received.

The 9150 will work as a receiver if you disconnect the internal hard drive. You could try opening the box and disconnect the hard drive. This may help you to switch it on and get to the menus to perform a default reset. If it that does work then reconnect the hard drive and if that fails you know you have a hard drive issue.