Humax box some channels seen as .wav by Nero Video


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Has anyone had this problem, seems to be Nero Video 12 but also the different channels end up with something extra it seems. Anyone know why ?
I have been copying SD movies to my PC and using Nero to edit them, normally just burned to DVD so size not important. Now decided to use HDD as easier to use and the same price as DVDs, but now larger moves means less movies on an HDD.

All saved in the same format by the Humax box but not the same after that.

What I noticed is that if it comes from the BBC and I 'import' it into Nero Video 12 and then 'export' it the size stays about the same. Standard settings in Nero etc, just copy and write basically. I would normally edit out ads etc but just did straight copis to test out the problem.

BBC defaults to Mpeg-2 when exporting, and exports in about 5 mins.

I first noticed Film4 movies default to WAV format (which I change to Mpeg-2) and can take over an hour to export. Worst of all they end up 2x the size, so a 2.3gb import end up as a 4.7gb export.
I tried other channels, ITV, C4, E4 Horror and they all default to .WAV too. So all default to what they are not except the BBC, as all imports all say Mpeg-2.

Any ideas as to what is causing this ? Must be something in the transmission, or something added by (or missing in) the Humax copy for other channels.
If so does anyone knows what it is what can I do about it ? I know I can't alter what the Humax outputs, can I, but maybe I can redefine the movies.

Any help appreciated.


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Someone beat you to it, may also help with other video formatting problems.
Follow this link for details

Basically a piece of software called DVDpatcher fixes the offending file header and so it then processes normally.
If other video software (other than just Nero) have a problem with this then try the above.

NOTE - edited to add it can also screw up the movie yout are repairing, so take a copy before using this