Humax DTR-T2000


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I see this new faster model has been released now. I wonder how it will compare speed wise to the faster BT and Huawei boxes...? See HERE


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Interesting. I can't find any specs yet but I wonder if it will be able to receive IPTV broadcasts?

I think the T2110 is the BT version, so perhaps the T2000 will be as fast as that and the Huawei T2100. The model numbers are very confusing though.

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The article HERE, does claim the new box is made by Humax on it's Specifications page, however as the spec. also calls the box the DTR-T1000, I think this is the spec of the old box

I have a DTR-T1000 (from BT) and this is totally different, much faster. My guess is that this is the 2000 series, but in a box that matches BT's Homehub 5. Humax, OTOH, have gone for a box matching the rest of their lineup.