Humax DTR1000 ethernet fail, needing usb update

dave derby

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HI there,
I have a Humax dtr1000 that has ethernet failed, it has been like this for several years (I brought it cheap off a mate knowing the fault) I have been using it as a freeview recorder box, it has recently started getting buggy (needing to be reset regularly) I was wondering if I could do a usb software upgrade it would help it run a little smoother, but I have been unable to find any such software on the internet, all the upgrades are done via ethernet connection.
the software versions I have on my box are as follows
Manufacturer software 15.11.0
Componant software 2.1.14
Platform configuration 712
ISP configuration blank

Thanks for reading my post


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The original youview technical specification stated that youview boxes must be capable of supporting recovery from USB.
Unfortunately in the main forums which discus the youview boxes it appears that no one have ever reported the software being supplied for a USB update.
Even if the DTR-T1000 were capable of being updated via USB, Humax may not have produced a USB packaged version.

Your could try contacting Humax directly and request if they can supply you with a USB version.


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I think that if it has been working OK for a number of years on the software version that you have, but has recently been playing up, I doubt if updating the software will fix the fault anyway. I would suspect that the HDD is 'on its way out'. Why would the S/W suddenly start giving problems?

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It's not totally impossible. The EEPROM (or NVRAM or whatever you want to call it) has a data retention time measured in decades, but I doubt the manufacturers can test every bit in every device that comes off the production line. One of the problems I had in my professional life was coping with a requirement for a 20-year service life when the programmable devices (data memory, programmable logic) on the circuit boards were only guaranteed 10 years.

It's this kind of thing which will ultimately limit the viability of modern vehicles, and may be the death knell for our beloved HDR-FOXes if we can't find a way to refresh the relevant memory areas.


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This sort of thing is the usual knee-jerk reaction of the lueless.
And usually the manufacturer's help lines regardless of the reported symptom not being a 'known' s/w issue.
Although I don't doubt that BH's postulation is a possibility' I feel that there are far more likely causes of failure such as the HDD or electrolytics drying out.
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dave derby

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Could you breiefly post what those bugs are? They may be known faults that have been more recently only become obvious to you.
The problems that have accoured are mostly refusing to start up from standby, sometimes turning the power on and off fixes this but sometimes I have to do a full reset, the box will then work ok for a couple of weeks and then start going wrong again, after the last time this went wrong again I could hear the hard drive clicking (stuck in park) and it refused to startup so I removed the hard drive stuck it in my pc, deleted all the partitions, set up a ntfs partition, formatted it and did a full scan inc sectors which come back as drive ok, I put the drive back in my box went to engineers menu and did a software reset, the box is fully working again (but for how long) as its only been 3 days since I did my hard drive format.
The main reason for asking for a firmware update was mainly to inprove startup time as my box is stuck with an early firmware which means it takes about 25 seconds to boot up, plus I was hoping it might help with overall system stability, I have to admit that I am rather suprised that some of the more technically advanced people have not managed to read the images from another box and the create and even modify and improve the standard image,
Thanks guys for all your replys