Humax Foxsat HDR with an Aerial lead


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I have a Humax HDR T2, while I was living in my old place, there was no issues as I had a Sky dish to use. Now I have moved I have no Sky dish, and I am not allowed to put one up.

Any idea if the Humax will work plugging into the normal aerial connection lead? I know it wont fit on its own, but what will I need to get it to work.

Appreciate any help.


Reference to the Sky dish is puzzling. If you have the T2 then plug the aerial in and retune if you have moved away from your old transmitter area.
As you have posted in the Foxsat thread I presume you have one of those and you will require a dish.
It is not necessary to mount the dish on the building. On a post in the garden will do provided there are no obstructions to line of sight. I used to have one standing on my patio.
Thats always good to know, and never thought of that, so is worth a thought.

However, I no longer have a dish, as this was on my old property, so was looking at a cheaper option if I was able to get it to work on the Aerial lead rather than the sky lead (sorry I don't know the technical name for each lead)
It sounds like you have a FoxSat HDR which is a satellite (Freesat) version and requires a satellite dish to work. You cannot connect it to a 'standard' TV ariel to receive terrestrial channels. For that you need a Freeview HDR Fox T2
haha oops. It might be easier for me to dig it out tonight after I finish work (as just about to leave now) and find out the exact version. Didn't realise there are soo many with similar names. I will post later on this evening.

Thanks for your help so far. Hope you all have a great day.


So many names, but only two methods of delivery. Freesat is from a satellite and needs a dish. Freeview is terrestial and needs a normal TV aerial.
Hi Sorry about the delay.

I have had a quick look, and it does not give a model number on the front.

All it says is HumaxFoxsat-HDR then freesat+ on the left hand side.

There are no aerial connections only the sky lead connections. So what I am asking is there any kind of converter that connects into the sky lead bit in the back of the box, then converts it to the aerial lead type? Or I guess the other way round too, that I can connect onto my aerial.

Is it different signals from aerial compared to the sky connection?

Also slightly off the above subject...... If I can get the above sorted out, can I modify the firmware on this model? I see a forum for the T2 version, but I am unsure if this is the T2 or not?
Sorry. Terrestrial and Satellite are different. You need a dish for Sat and an ariel for terrestrial. Afaik there isn't a 'magic box' available that can/will convert.

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Sorry. They will physically allow you to connect the coax cable but the technologies are incompatible.

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Ok thanks, that was what I was wondering about. I don't understand why they would make it if it wasn't going to work though :0S
Take a step back and think about it a moment.
If you could use an ordinary ariel to receive a satellite transmission, why do you see dishes on the side of houses?
The satellite signal is beamed from an earth station to a satellite in 'space' and it is then beamed back to earth.
Terrestrial is as it says, transmitters are earth based and the terrestrial ariel point towards the 'nearest' one.
You get a picture on your TV by either method but it gets to you in a different way.

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Yeah that kinda makes sense. But it seems stupid that they are selling these converters if they are unlikely to work? Or do they do something different.
The converters are not designed to do what you want to do with them. For a Foxsat HDR you need a dish. The type of connecter that you seem to have on the end of your lead is the type that they usually fit to terestrial TVs that receives anoalog (not for long) or Freeview ( as opposed to Freesat) signals from a nearby TV transmitter mast. Some TVs and aerial amplifiers etc. have the screw on 'F' type plug (that fits the type of socket that you have on the back of your Hummy) so you need a converter to convert the 'normal' TV plug into the 'satellite' type screw on plugs. Just by changing the type of plug on the end of the cable will not make the box work. As far as I know, all satellit boxes have the F type connectors, not just Sky boxes.
For your box, you need a dish with at least a dual output LNB and two co-ax feeds to the box (for full useability)
Oh well, thanks for all of your responses. it was worth a look at anyway to see if I could change it.

What about modded firmware then? Can i get this on the machine? I see the sub forum for the T2 for it, but not for my type.
Ok thanks, that was what I was wondering about. I don't understand why they would make it if it wasn't going to work though :0S

F connectors are used for terrestrial kit as well as satellite. Aerial connections, amplifiers and splitters often have these particulary the better quality kit.