Humax HD Fox Twin satellite receiver.


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Hello members of this forum

I have a German Humax HD Fox Twin satellite receiver with German interface, apps and free German TV channels.

Because my German is even worse than my English, I would like to rebuild, flash or root it (or whatever you call it) to an English or an West European version.

So that I can receive all the FTA channels from both Astra 19.2, Astra 23,5 en Astra 28.2.

Please can You help me choose which version on your site should I use.

On the backside it says:

Model: HD Fox Twin

Serial: HD NED/DE 91- 00591 Made in EU 5I

s/n: 01 0145002 27789

CA s/n: 180190142837

Software System Information:

Software Version: DESNAF 1.00.15

Loader Version: DESNAF 1.01

System ID: 9010.7D54

Update: 06 DEC 2018

MICON Version: DESNAG 8.102.02

Sorry for my bad English.


Ed Staal The Netherlands.